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When a true gentleman turns 100

We had the most heartwarming celebration for beloved resident Leslie Hibbert today to commemorate 100 years of amazing life this man has lived
Born in Manchester, England Les served as navy seaman in WW2 before moving to Australia and becoming one of 800 men employed by the SEC.
Having known great hardship in his life so far this had come as a wonderful opportunity until Les suffered a debilitating work accident that left him with broken ribs and a lifelong back injury.
He was quickly ejected from his accommodation at the camp of cubicles in Yallourn North and it was at this point he was taken in by his soon to be wife Ruth’s family and fortunate to experience love and care like he has never known before.
What Les chose to do with his back injury from that moment is a story one could write a book about but we can sum it up by saying this- If gyms were open right now you would catch Les there 2 mornings a week, doing his exercises and strength routines.
He walks without a rollator, finds ways to complete his rituals during lockdown and passes us by with a huge smile and his famous saying “every day’s a bonus.”
Les lives at Latrobe Valley Village with his wife Ruth and is the proud father of Celia, Linda, John(dec) and David ❤️
Mr Les Hibbert we wish you a very happy 100th birthday and wish to say thank you for the true inspiration that you are 💙