RSL Points

You can earn points at  ALL Victorian RSLs venues. If you’re purchasing a meal, a round of drinks or merchandise. Each dollar you spend is a point to be earned. SO, the more you spend, the more points you will enjoy.

You can accumulate your points to purchase within the venues i.e food, beverages, merchandise! Or even pay your next years membership (Just see Reception for more details)

To check the balance of your points just simply swipe your card at the Kiosk in the Reception Foyer. A display will appear and in the top right side of the screen your points will appear!

RSL Rewards

Being a member of the RSL, allows you to earn Rewards.

Firstly, swipe your card when purchasing food or beverages within the Sub Branch’s.

Secondly, going onto the RSL Rewards website:

You can redeem your points in exchange for a number of desirable items.

SO,If you’re not an RSL member, join today and ensure that you get rewarded! Simply, visit Moe RSL Sub-Branch to become a member! All you need to do is complete the membership form! A staff member can enter your details on the spot, print your membership card and you’re ready to go!

You can use your card at the Kiosk to enter competitions and find out your points balance. Start using your card and earn points today! The more points you earn, the higher the rewards!

Current point system

Every time you swipe at the kiosk you will earn:

​Social =10 points= 10c

Affiliate = 15 points = 15c

Service= 20 points= 20c

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